Monday, July 15, 2013


Remember this disaster?

It was time for me to figure out what exactly to do to fix this. The proportions are completely off, and what was I thinking with the black and white combo?! I still needed room to store shoes, but do I want them open, or to conceal them? The second choice resonated with me. I would love to just tuck away our most frequently used shoes, so we don't have to look at them or trip over them.

Then a light-bulb went on! We did have a shelf hopefully long enough in the storage that we could possibly install, so it would look something like this:

I retrieved it within minutes and sure enough it was a little too long. No problem! With the help of my manly man, we measured it, cut it to size, installed it and then painted it.


 Remember these baskets?


They fit perfectly underneath the shelf! How cute is this?

There you have it!!! Come back for more soon!

Lots of love,

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