Monday, June 24, 2013


With the school year coming to a highly anticipated close this week, I have asked my children to write me a list of what they would like to do during their break at home, so I can schedule their favorite activities. I gave them a heads-up and told them that we will be reading, writing and doing math on regular basis, and got some empty stares poor little souls. With them going to a French immersion school, their English is suffering a bit, so we have some catching up to do.

Within 15 minutes, they both came back with their lists.

Pretty straight forward...
However, I have learned a few things from my daughter's list:
  1. Apparently I lack the-ballet-dancing-skill she has and need to learn it ASAP
  2. My OCD tendencies are so cool, she needs to organize with me
  3. Math, reading and writing = fun games
  4. She is a shopoholic in making
  5. She needs me to schedule snack time so I remember to feed her ;)
I have never laughed so hard! Isn't she the cutest thing ever? I love my babies so much!

Here is our summer schedule:

Now in the process of filling out our schedule, I have made you a PDF to use if you like.

Click here to download the PDF

Have a Fantabulous day!!! 

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