Monday, March 18, 2013


SPRING IS ALMOST HERE, MY LOVELIES!!! My absolute favorite time of the year. The air is crisp...the day is absolutely perfect to throw open the windows and start SPRING CLEANING!!!!!!!!

LOVE, LOVE how the house feels after I'm done!

Today, I opened all the windows and tackled my Kitchen, Living room and Bathroom. Tomorrow, I will continue with the Bedrooms and Laundry, and then I'm DONE!

This is how I went about it:


1. I grabbed a laundry basket and went through the areas I was ready to tackle and removed all the items that didn't belong there.

2. I put them away.

3. I washed the dishes, dried them and put them away. This opened up some counter space.

4. I removed all the items off my counters and moved them to my kitchen table.

5. I took everything off the walls in my kitchen...put them on my kitchen table.

6. Took a good look at my walls to see whether I needed to wash the walls or just spot clean them.
I decided to wash them down completely with warm water and mild dish soap...tackled all the doorknobs, switch plates as well

7. I emptied each canister into a bowl...took them apart and washed them...put them to dry.
Wiped down all small appliances (according to the manufacturers directions)

8. Dust/washed each wall item....

9. Filled my sink up with hot water, mild soap and a cap full of bleach...washed my counter tops thoroughly...don't forget the back-splash of course. Than dried them with a dry cloth.

10. With mild soap and warm water wiped all my cabinet doors, inside and out. Than, wiped them with dry cloth.

11. Moved the stove and fridge...swept, then washed the floor behind it.

12. Took the burners off my stove and the spill catchers....washed the.

13. Assembled all the canisters, wiped them to make sure they are dry...filled them up and put them back.

14. Hung all the wall items back where they belong.

15. Emptied all the cupboards...onto my kitchen table.

16. Wiped the insides of each cupboard (shelves and walls)...reorganized all the dishes...removing the mismatched items and the ones I no longer use. Adjusted the shelves to give me more room on top...put everything back.

17. Sprayed the oven...

18. Emptied the fridge and freezer...wiped all the shelves, drawers and walls...discarded all the expired items...put everything back.

19. Cleaned the oven.

20. Mopped the floor.

21. Emptied and washed the trash can.

22. If you haven't cleaned the fridge and freezer, this should be done as well. (I do my fridge on weekly basis before I grocery shop)


1. Since I removed all the clutter earlier I didn't have to worry about that...

2. Took all my drapes, curtains down...cleaned them appropriately...

3. Removed all cobwebs and spot treated my walls. Washed all the doorknobs, air vents and switch plates, dusted the paintings, wiped the framed photographs.

4. Took down all the light fixtures and washed them in warm water and mild dish soap. Dried them.

5. Removed all the books and nick-nacks off the shelves...washed what I was able to...dusted the rest. Wiped all the shelves down. Put everything back.

6. Vacuumed between cushions of my couches. Wiped them down (mine are leather)...follow the manufacturers directions for your couches.

7. Dusted down the side table and coffee table.

8. Vacuumed the carpet...Mopped the floor.


1. Collect all the used towels. Put into hamper.

2. Took all cobwebs down, spot treated walls, washed the switch plates, dusted and cleaned the items on the wall. Took my shower curtains off...laundered them with bathroom rugs....hung them to dry.

3. Scrubbed the shower and tub....don't forget the fixtures.

4. Scrubbed the sink and fixtures.

5. Scrubbed the toilet...don't forget the handles, outside the toilet...etc

6. Washed the inside and outside of medicine cabinet. Cleaned the mirror...put everything back.

7. Swept, than mopped the floor.

8. Emptied and washed the trash can.

Depending on the amount of work you have, you can break up your home and do a room each day. I like to do it like this, because I only have to dedicate myself fully for two days to tackle everything I can at one time, and than enjoy the rest of my week with my family.

As long as you do a little each day, it shouldn't take you that long to finish your spring cleaning. It only gets easier. Spring cleaning is my favorite. It takes so much motivation, but it is so worth it when everything is done. It takes me 10-15 minutes a day to keep my whole house clean and tidy. Dedicating an hour a week to reorganizing and removing clutter from my "special room" thereafter.

Happy Spring Cleaning, my friends


  1. how do u spot treat walls? My walls are not waterproof. when i wash them w/ a magic eraser i get paint all over the eraser:(

    1. Sorry for the slow reply, L.L.

      Magic eraser will remove your paint. I use hot soapy water and it works fine. I have learned that the paint you use makes a big difference. Living in an apartment we used to buy the cheaper matte paint, and it was hell getting anything out (can you imagine living with two toddlers..need I say more?). I did some research and found out that if you use paint for hallways (which are typically busy places in every household) the paint is glossier and doesn't stain so easy.

      Sincerely, Kristina


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