Monday, January 28, 2013

Space Saving Kids Room Inspiration

I am always looking for new ways to maximize space in the kids room. My inspiration came in e-mail form this morning from my very own sister. Needless to say she was a busy bee.

With lack of space, I just might have to implement a similar concept.

Growing children between ages 6 and 12, are still in transitional state, not yet ready to get rid of their toys, but starting to show interest in other things like video games, crafts, reading, and also having homework every day. We have to adjust accordingly. 

To do this, she has bought two loft beds, two desks with chairs, and used their existing dressers. They added fun detail by adding cute desk accessories and stickers on the walls, spelling out the girls names, identifying their own space. The little one, when told to do her homework, said "Mommy, can we do it in my office today?" How cute is that?!
All of their toys are in the playroom in the basement. (I just might have to go over and snap some pictures).

Check her pictures out and tell me what you think.


Have you seen cuter faces? They make me melt!

Have a fun, joyful, blessed day,


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