Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I know that we are all different, and different things work for different people. I have spent a few weeks really racking my brain on how to organize my son's clothes. I knew that regardless what system I do implement, it will definitely include a bin. This way my mind can rest in peace knowing that the shelves are going to look neat, regardless of what the inside of the bin looks like. The clothes are going to be corralled inside the bin, out of plain sight.

I definitely had a few systems in mind, but was not exactly sure which one to try first, and naturally (for me) a little nervous about how  he will accept it, and whether or not it would work.

...That is until I had him try on his jeans. The crate was sitting empty on the floor, next to his sister's neatly organized crate. He became increasingly excited and exclaimed that he will fold his own pants  and store them into his crate (remind you of anyone?). So I let him, curious to see what he would do.

My heart was going pitter-patter as I watched my little guy roll up his jeans, telling me that this is how he likes it, because it's fun and easy. So there you have it! He showed me the way.

Not bad for the first time, don't you think? 

Then  I asked him if he would like me to show him a little neater way of rolling his pants. He we folded them together.

This is what our bins looked like after:

Next we folded the pj's. We rolled the bottoms into the tops. Check it out:

All this is fine and dandy, but I do have a small problem on my hands. We have spent an entire afternoon going through the kid's clothes. We pulled out the clothing from the storage, weeded out the small items...and everything did fit into the wardrobe, but it's way too tight. I will be spending the next week figuring out how to solve this issue, and what to do about the drawers...
Any ideas? I would love to hear from you!

Have a fabulous week! 
Lots of love,

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hey guys,
After a long extremely busy few months, it finally feels like we are back to our normal routine. The busy-ness of it all seemed to have taken a toll on me last week, and was battling some serious exhaustion. We took the last two days off from all the insanity, and just enjoyed each other. We put on some mellow music, we cooked, cleaned a little, laughed a lot, and even snuck in a cat nap or two. All in all, I feel like I am functioning again.

 Back to my August project...

I promised to share with you some pics of our Target finds:

I have bought a black and white shelf liner, colorful duck tape, 2 canvas totes, and 4 crates.

 I felt that the canvas totes were a little too small  and flimsy for pants, so I was really happy to find the crates! They are the perfect size and they are sturdy! I wasn't exactly thrilled with the color selection though. They had green, white and black. So we bought one green and 3 white.

We put on our thinking caps trying to figure a way to make these we strolled through the back to school supply section (anyone else not ready for school? It's making me crazy-nervous!) and spotted some colorful duct tape! 

Perfect way to embellish these babies! Check it out:

Then, I had the kiddos try on all the clothes in questionable sizes, I weeded out the ones that are too small, stained, or ripped; then dealt with them accordingly. And brought the clothes we decided to keep back into their wardrobes.

Here is our give away pile. Not too shabby! Just think of ALL the space we just gained!!!

Nicely folded:

This post is getting a little too long. Check back tomorrow, I'll have more pictures for you. 

Have a good night! 

Friday, August 16, 2013


Did you tune in last night and watched the ICG Opening Ceremonies? Me neither.

I was smack dab in the middle of the madness! But what a surreal experience it was! Everyone did a wonderful job. My husband says the show was "Spectacular!" I didn't get to see it. But you can bet your bottom dollar, I will be recording it as soon as the repeats start (in half an hour ;) )

My daughter danced in the theme song "Write Your Name in the Sky" and I worked backstage.
After months of hard work and dedication, these little ones pulled it off beautifully! I am incredibly proud of my little angel! 

 I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved that made this whole event possible. Memories of this kind of experience will last a lifetime, and not many people are lucky to have it. We are truly grateful!

 Lots of love,

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